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Sino MDT SN-50C6 syringe pump

Sino MDT SN-50C6 syringe pump



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The SINO SN-50C6 is an infusion syringe pump suitable for patients of all ages. The high precision of the administration of liquid medication and parenteral nutrition and the flexible settings allow the device to be used in a wide range of medical fields.

Infusion rate range from 0.1 to 1500 ml/h, microdosing at minimum speed and bolus infusion possible. The “Anti-Bolus” and “Open Vein” functions as well as the infusion volume limit setting allow the pump to function as safely as possible for the patient.

The SINO SN-50C6 automatically detects the volume and type of the syringe installed. The device is compatible with syringes from 5 to 50 ml. The pump has a memory for up to 33 syringe types. There is also a system log with a capacity of 1,500 infusions.

SINO SN-50C6 infusion pump can work in horizontal and vertical positions due to its ergonomic mounting. All parameters of the device can be viewed on the built-in LCD display and the settings can be changed without interrupting the infusion.

Safety is further aided by an alarm notification system which signals important events and errors during operation of the device.

Fully charged built-in battery is designed for 6 hours of autonomous operation of the pump, which is indispensable for medical care during patient transportation or in case of power outages. With a special external device, several pumps can be docked together to form a single system.


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